My aunt and her a couple of her friends were out in Colorado for a couple weeks to do some kayaking, climbing, and hiking and decided to join us on a 14er.  We took the Class II route up the Missouri Gulch Trailhead.  There are three 14ers in the area (two of them fairly close to one another) but with a bigger group, were not sure what our speed would be and if we would have enough time to do multiple and if the weather would hold out.


Mt Belford (1)Mt Belford (7)


We hit a decent amount of snow for a July hike.


Mt Belford (17)


Heading on up…

Mt Belford (13)


My Aunt and her now husband Wade at the top!

Mt Belford (18)


After the summit of Belford, Mark decided he wanted to try and summit Oxford since we were so close.  So, the two of us set out to the top of Oxford while the rest of the group headed back to the car.