Drove up the night before to the Kite Lake trailhead.  Arrived after dark so decided to sleep in the Jeep rather than to setup camp.  Sort of followed the masses onto the trail and took a more challenging route than we intended.  (You would think I would know better.)  About half-way up, many of the people on the wrong route turned around and went back but we decided to press on because we hoped to summit Mt Democrat, Lincoln and Cameron in the Lincoln Group.


Lincoln Group 7-26-09 (7)  Lincoln Group 7-26-09 (9)


Near the top, we came across a really loose, very steep scramble.  Had to help Gunner up because he had a tough time keeping traction and I was worried he would get himself into a bad spot.  I kept him close and would play leap frog climbing around him, then lifting him above me, and repeat until we hit the top.  I was really glad he was wearing a harness with a strap/handle.

Lincoln Group 7-26-09 (10)

Lincoln Group 7-26-09 (8)


Made it to the top and ran into our friend Paul Tarr and his dog Speedwell (aka Who Dey) on the summit!!

From Democrat, continued on across the straddle to Mt Lincoln and then to Mt Bross.