Met a friend at 285 and C470 at 4 AM and drove up to the Denny Creek trailhead.  We selected this route after doing a lot of research with all of the avalanche risks in the mountains right now.  There were quite a few cars in the parking lot and we started hiking at about 7:30 AM with A LOT of gear as we planned to snowboard from the top.  My pack weighed about 45 pounds!  (Ouch)

Yale 3

The first couple miles of the hike were fairly clear.  Pretty dry trails with a little packed snow.  A few muddy spots but nothing you could not avoid.  We hiked to just below the treeline before getting into too much snow requiring some Yak Trax.   At this point, we lost the trail for a bit but was able to locate the path on GPS and get back on track pretty quickly.  It turned out we sort of cut the corner of the standard route taking on some quick vert.  Reached the summit around 12:30 PM.  Clear skies and no weather concerns.

Yale 4 Yale 1

Hit a ball and then strapped on the snowboard for the ride down.  We were able to ride about 2500ft of vert before the snow became too spotty.   The snow was pretty good for riding as the sun had warmed it up and you could move it around a little bit.  The views riding down were incredible!!  We rode down and ended up a little east of the trail trying to run out all of the snow.  Snow was now deep and spotty so finally had a need for the snowshoes that I had carried the entire time!  Eventually found the trail and hiked out returning to the car around 5:30PM.  Great day on the mountain!

Yale 5