Grays and Torreys Peak were the very first 14ers I ever climbed.  I was with my Dad and sister Mandy and we had a great day!  It was fun to return to these very popular 14ers and remember that first hike.


Grays and Torreys is an easy combo so a great way to climb two 14ers in a day.


Departed the Stevens Gulch Trailhead at about 6AM with my friend Liz loaded up with snowboards, snowshoes, and Yak Trax.  Got an early start to beat the weather but also to hopefully hit the snow while it was still firm from the night before.

Hit the Summit of Grays Peak at 9:15 AM.  Relaxed on the top for a bit before heading over to Torreys Peak.  Jumped on the snowboard and rode to the saddle between Grays and Torreys.  Climbed up to Torreys and hit the summit around 11 AM.  Torreys Peak comes to a sharp point on the top.  There were beautiful snow cornices on the eastern side of the mountain.

After climbing Torreys, returned the saddle and collected my snowboard and full pack.  Had to reclimb a portion of Grays to catch the fall line so we could drop into the Lost Rat Couloir.

Made the line and dropped into Lost Rat only to find the snow was loose and sliding.  Wet slides were rolling down the mountain and slabs of snow were dropping off.  Fortunately, there was plenty of protection on the slides of the slope so was able to get into a good position to hit the gas and outrun the movement.  If caught, I do not think it would have been to bad or deep but you never know.  Of course we had our beacons on and we were prepared for the worst.

The snow ran back along a creek and we were able to run it out to about a 1./2 mile from where we parked!  Great day on the mountain and was back to the Jeep around 12::30.  Grabbed lunch on the way home and was back at my house by 3:30PM.

Grays Peak